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over the last 2years i have been in search of the truth and understanding of the events that occured in my life which enabled me to sense the spirit world 24/7! the events that took place where very stressful and left me in a place where i was alone and scared. because i was unaware of the changes that took place so quickly i even contemplated ending my own life for fear that i was becoming mentally ill! the transition that took place in my life completly rendered me helpless to myself. i watched in horror as my nearest and dearest deserted me!(here is a brief story of my life over the past 2years)on the 5.1.2008 i married my wife susan! having lost both her mother and father she often visited mediums for messages reguarding situations in her life! i on the other was a skeptic on this taboo subject. i believed that once you had passed that was it and you shouldnt medal with the unknown! after recieving a message telling her that her family and loved ones would be on the wedding pictures in the form of orbs. this is what ignited the interest and desire to gain evidence of the afterlife so i set upon ma investigations! as time went by the pictures of orbs became real. i would lie in bed and see these balls of energy bouncing round the room.every experience reguarding the afterlife developed at an alarming rate not allowing me to adjust and understand what was happening to me. orbs suddenly became smokey oultines of figures that were very inquizative of me. these figures grew at the same rate my fear grew , very fast!!! soon they were touching me and upsetting my everyday life. how can this be id ask myself or explain to my best friend? after several months of torment and 10 days without sleep it came to a head. i was a 29 year old boxe, bricklayer and lads lad who had been in bother with the law all ma life and not scared of much to physically crumbling and crying in front of men at work!my wife was very supportive at first but i could see my irrational behaviour due to the lack of understanding was taking its toll on our marriage. i wanted it all to stop and it wouldnt! we had the house cleared by mediums but to no prevail. they said they had gone but i could still see them! soon enough i was admitted to A&E with a suspected brain tumour and had tests done which showed everything to be normal. it was then onto mental health which was daunting in the view that "how could i prove or show them to them the things i saw when it had not even been validated by science" the only outcome i knew, was as soon as that door closed behind me i would not be leaving and would be certified INSANE. the assesment was done by 2 psychiatrists both female, one of whom was horrible and very text book reguarding her work. the other must have believed what i saw as she was sympathetic and tried to empathise! after 40 mins of sitting there listening to her say " under the mental health act you are going to be sectioned with psychosis unless you prove you see dead people!"that i blurted it out. i told her that her mother who had passed was stood at the side of her, i told her what she was buried in, what song was played at her funeral and about the letter she placed in her coffin.i left that room and her crying as fast as i could walk with ma mind still in tact and not rubber stamped MENTALLY INSANE!. from there i was still tormented and seeked help from the local spiriualist life was crumbling around me and there was nothing i could do to stop it. my irrational behaviour drove my wife away and we seperated after 19 months.since then i have met many friendly and helpful people who have given me the guidance and understanding that i needed so much. i have been on my own 12 months now continuously developing my mediumship. i am forever grateful to those that have been in my life throughout this turbulent journey there are too many to name! getting back to the title of the discussion many are chosen and few are picked, i believe that i was chosen! im aware that my higher self has to experience lifes mistakes and learn from them to evolve higher again when it passes back over to the world of spirit fom the physical pain! i have tried to understand that we are all given free will and and that we choose our destiny before we are born but i cant understand why they (the spirit world) would force it on me in the manner they did causing me so much distress?? i now sit in a closed circle that had not permitted any other person to join in 18 years. the members now sit for me as i develop my deep trance and physical mediumship. i feel that my purpose is to work with spirit for spirit! i feel that ive been chosen to prove the non believers and scientists that there is life after death and that the soul does not die and that it is in fact eternal. if anyone is able to assist or point me in the right direction i would be very grateful. im willing to relocate or become part of a research experiment at any centre where the evidence is needed....thankyou for taking the time to read..take care, light and laughter ....always! kev...

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We have also posted this article here on our main site where it has drawn quite a positive response.

Very moving story kev, even more so as i work within a mental health setting and understand your frustration with the system. I felt compelled to write as i think you might be interested in a book called the Urantia Book especially paper 113. it can be read online for free.

hope you find what you seek.
Hi kev , my daughter is currently going thru exactly what u described you experienced !! She see s lights which then manifest into ppl namely my mum , a baby I miscarried , my spirit guide and also her own , as u well know this is very very frightening , my daughter is 19 and has special needs as she is physically disabled , she s scared to go to sleep at nite . Recently with my help she has began communication with my mum but she's still scared I was wondering if there s anything u could advise to help her overcome her fears ? I know she's experiencing these things because other mediums have confirmed it and even said that the spirit world really want my daughter to work for them , she's willing to do this if only she could conquer the fear . Any help wud be much appriciated x
e mail me at ill help ya daughter even if i have to travel round the globe....she does not need to be scared .....i promise you that....kev...x
hiya love i dont know if you recieved my last message but was having some problems with this site! my email address is ill do anything to help you and your daughter with the experiences that you are having. if you email me i can send you information that you both can will help bring a bit of peace back into your lives....hope you are both well.....kev..x
Hi. keV , I did e mail u jus to say thank s for replying and offerin support , ma daughter has communicated with my mum who passed on two yrs ago , she s with two make spirits whom we know are her spirit guide and also mine , but my daughter tells me my mum won't let either guide spk
lol ?? She says she ll let them spk when she's ready ? She wants to protect us , she feels it's her job god love her , even tho it's my mum my daughter gets scared and then disrupts the whole household , which is becomin a prob as u have two other kids of school age , I jus wanna help her overcome the fear . X
mei-ling dont be distressed at this e mail but how did your daughter take your mums passing??? i feel that they were very close and the loss of her would have been the start of her spiritual awakening.....spirits can manifest themselves in many forms.....they can imposter loved ones! im not saying this is the case here but your daughter should not be scared of a loved one, especially someone who was so significant in her upbringing!!! my spiritual awakening was so distressing because i had unevolved spirits torturing my life every second of the day......please e mail me privately so we can talk...i also have a group on facebook called understanding mediumship which is open to the general public.... please join as there is alot of information posted on there by myself and other was set up to help people like myself and your wishes to ya both....x
hi kev, i am pat, i have only recently joinrd so still pretty new to this site. just like to say i know exactly how you felt, and are still feeling. my 2 daughters where getting me sectioned at one point. i like you was thrown a whole range of phenoma which i couldnt work out it was so frustrting when people everywhere were smirking atme like i was a looney tune. i could make stars move around in the sky, one particular one would follow me (still does)everywhere things were so bizzarethat were presenting to me it was no wonder people didnt believe me. anyway eventually i became a reiki master, to (cut a long story short) but if youre interested to find out more about my experiences, then let me know, and i will reply to you. love light and blessings to you. pat. liverpool.



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