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I thought you would enjoy some of the ancient teachings that have been passed down. This is a wonderful story of The Origin of Medicine. Enjoy it and let me know how this touches you.

At one time, animals and people lived together peaceably and talked with each other. But when mankind began to multiply rapidly, the animals were crowded into forests and deserts.
Man began to destroy animals wholesale for their skins and furs, not just for needed food. Animals became angry at such treatment by their former friends, resolving they must punish mankind.

The bear tribe met in council, presided over by Old White Bear, their Chief. After several bears had spoken against mankind for their bloodthirsty ways, war was unanimously agreed upon. But what kinds of weapons should the bears use?

Chief Old White Bear suggested that man's weapon, the bow and arrow, should be turned against him. All of the council agreed. While the bears worked and made bows and arrows, they wondered what to do about bowstrings. One of the bears sacrificed himself to provide the strings, while the others searched for good arrow- wood.

When the first bow was completed and tried, the bear's claws could not release the strings to shoot the arrow. One bear offered to cut his claws, but Chief Old White Bear would not allow him to do that, because without claws he could not climb trees for food and safety. He might starve.

The deer tribe called together its council led by Chief Little Deer. They decided that any Indian hunters, who killed deer without asking pardon in a suitable manner, should be afflicted with painful rheumatism in their joints.

After this decision, Chief Little Deer sent a messenger to their nearest neighbours, the Cherokee Indians.

"From now on, your hunters must first offer a prayer to the deer before killing him," said the messenger. "You must ask his pardon, stating you are forced only by the hunger needs of your tribe to kill the deer. Otherwise, a terrible disease will come to the hunter."

When a deer is slain by an Indian hunter, Chief Little Deer will run to the spot and ask the slain deer's spirit, "Did you hear the hunter's prayer for pardon?"

If the reply is yes, then all is well and Chief Little Deer returns to his cave. But if the answer is no, then the Chief tracks the hunter to his lodge and strikes him with the terrible disease of rheumatism, making him a helpless cripple unable to hunt again.

All the fishes and reptiles then held a council and decided they would haunt those Cherokee Indians, who tormented them, by telling them hideous dreams of serpents twining around them and eating them alive. These snake and fish dreams occurred often among the Cherokees. To get relief, the Cherokees pleaded with their Shaman to banish their frightening dreams if they no longer tormented the snakes and fish.

Now when the friendly plants heard what the animals had decided against mankind, they planned a countermove of their own. Each tree, shrub, herb, grass, and moss agreed to furnish a cure for one of the diseases named by the animals and insects.

Thereafter, when the Cherokee Indians visited their Shaman about their ailments and if the medicine man was in doubt, he communed with the spirits of the plants. They always suggested a proper remedy for mankind's diseases.

This was the beginning of plant medicine from nature among the Cherokee Indian nation a long, long time ago.

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So the plants came to the rescue of Mankind? Who would have believed that, when it is Man who deforests the earth and allows the deserts to fester through the rich undergrowth that has graced our planet long before Man was around. Such folly to exploit that which has been put upon the earth for Man's benefit in the first place.

Everything -- barring Mankind -- has been put upon the earth to allow balance and equilibrium. This synergistic blueprint from nature has only one purpose -- to give a habitat whereby man will live and serve his fellow man, thus giving back to the earth what it bestowed upon him.

The abuses of such privileges will soon come to an end. You only have to take a good look around to see that many changes are happening.

Thanks Billie xx
Dear Mike:

As always well put. I think this story is significant because now animals are being driven Out of their native homes because of “progress.” I come from Los Angeles, California and when I was a child there was lots of open space with no housing. Now it has expanded so much that coyotes and bears have nowhere to go without running into a person. The planet is way over populated and can’t continue in this unequal way. Just like you said the changes are happening. If you ever saw the movie “Twelve Monkeys” I feel it illustrates what the human race might possibly do to themselves if they continue on this path.

In Haiti they have cut down all trees to use for housing and other purposes, and it’s totally barren. That’s one of the reasons why the people have so much trouble with growing food and other necessities. They’ve totally raped the land. Here in the Dominican Republic it is against the law to cut down a tree. They’re making sure that that does not occur in this country. They see the need to keep the balance of nature.

You always make such brilliant and poignant statements. Thank you so much for your comments.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie
Hi Billie,
Yes all things on Mother earth are in balance with her apart from man, but things are beginning to change and unless man changes he's ways he will be left behind. This is something i wrote a few years ago hope you like it.
The wind blows across the prairie where the buffalo and my people use to roam, gone are our camp fires,no more do we travel this land, this land of beauty and freedom.
We did not own the land, how can you cage Mother Earth,how can you cage Spirit.
Spirit should be free, as should Mother Earth.
We can hear Mother Earth weeping her cries of sorrow get louder as each season passes, when will her cries be heard.
Listen my brother hear her as we do, hear her cries of sorrow, the cries that only man can halt.
So please listen to that wind, that breath of mother Earth.
Before she speaks to us no more.
Love and Blessings Maureen.
dear Maureen:

I love this. Would you allow me to put this in my newsletter? Please let me know. It says so much and I really think it needs to be put out there. I would also like to post it on my website. Please let me know if this is OK with you.

Love and light,
Cherokee Billie
I always look forward to reading your comments Mike. I can't agree more with what you are all saying and Maureen, how about that poem, its brilliant! Mike, you say 'that the abuses of such privileges will soon come to an end' and I feel that you are very right and that Mother Nature is fighting back and our lovely animal kindred spirits are reaching out to man to say, enough is enough. I leave this thought with you..........

i've taggged this 'animals bringing humans to their knees'.............................

Wow that is fascinating! I so love how these stories are told. Plants are taken for granted in so many ways and yet they're the ones that are the most gentlest of species . The gentle helpers. Thankyou for sharing! And I agree that this planet is over-populated by humans and where does this leave our animals?

They have a right to be here too. Everything needs to have its own communication, its balance I believe
Dear Fire:

I love the way you put that plants are the gentlest of the species. They definitely are the gentle helpers. I'm so glad that you enjoy these stories . I love the way Native Americans stories evolve using nature to illustrate a point. I'm glad you see what I mean about the overpopulation of the planet. This is part of why things are changing radically in the earth. Earth was not designed for so much population and over usage. Nature will always point out the folly of the human race.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie
I love this, our plants are so quiet, and yet they do so much good. Man has become very greedy and selfish, and seems to believe that they have more right here then animals and plants. I was reading an article about a child being eaten by an alligator or crocodile. Some ignorant person said that they should all be got rid of and shouldnt be allowed to live. An awful time for the parents, but this creature was only doing what comes naturally. Unlike the humans who prey on their victims and then kill them.

Nature is definately fighting back, she wants her land back.
Absolutely right Maria. nature constantly points out the folly of the human race. Definitely animals only do what's natural. Humans are doing the unnatural. Mother nature always wins. We just have to watch for the outcome.

Cherokee Billie
Hi Cherokee Billie,

This is lovely.. It has really made me think and I would like to share this with my friends.


dear Ravenswolf:

I'm glad you enjoyed this article and that it made you think of life in a different way. Please do share it with your friends. By the way I love your name. What a combination of guides.

many blessings,
Cherokee Billie



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