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Need help and guidance, interference with my twin flame is causing all kinds of problems for me that made my whole world turn outside down.

 I don't know where to begin in our story. We were co-workers together for a lil over a year, and during that time, I loved working with him, there was something about him and me, that I guess I couldn't put my finger on. We had so many similarities, especially like how we both me each other's significant other. During that time, I even had a couple of crazy dreams about him and me, one especially how we were making out. Then as of this last November, early December, a shift started were we became closer, and started getting more flirty, etc... I remember that time very vividly when he asked me if I got offended if he hit on me, and I said no. Talking to him and flirting seemed so natural, so real. Then, slowly, we started on our journey, which at first was supposed to be something fun and spontaneous, but turned into something so much more.  in January we started acting on our attraction to each other. Being with him, holding him, talking nd stuff, everything made me feel whole. He is the one that pointed out that we were twin flames. No matter how much we tried to keep apart at work because he was married, we were drawn to each other, his words exactly. I helped him and he helped me. We were talking long term, and he was so ready to leave his wife. About two weeks before he was ready, his wife found out. That night he was hurting and I told him he could come to me, instead of sleeping in his car. He came, we talked and became closer the next few days. He finally sat down with his wife and talked some things out that they had to figure out. My DM says he had to do what he has to do with his Karmic relationship, his wife, to try to better himself, and to try to do things the right way for once in his life. It tears me apart too, that I can't be with him, yet I'm also trying not to chase him nd be patient, yet it is so hard. The next week he pulled the rug out from underneath me, and told me they were going to try to work on their marriage. This was last month, in that time my whole world crashed and my soul went into shock. After my car accident last month, he was there, and showed me he stilled cared. He started opening up to us and our connection again, yet pulled away, once again. We continued to work together and talk. Although I wasn't trying to chase him, I wanted to make sure he didn't forget about me and us, so I would wear certain items of clothing on occasion to remind him of certain times, send him an occasional texts, wishing him well, and being a good caring friend. A couple of weeks ago, the night of the pink moon, we talked all night and he brought up one more time in regards to physical stuff. I didn't give him a diffinitive answer, yet since we were talking I had a thousand questions I wanted to ask him to give me clarity. I thought we were getting back on track, and then he reached out to again on a more personal level this last Friday. We had a great day and I went over to talk. Here is were I messed up, I didn't mean to stay so long, yet I wanted to so bad. He kissed me, and we started talking about a compromise, were everyone would be happy nd I wouldn't be hurting anymore. Some negative energy slipped out and I mentioned some stuff comparing his wife and me, that he found hurtful, which he told me about the next day. When I left I thought I got a part of him back, and it was going to be a new start. The next day he messaged me and said he couldn't, that he had a moment of weakness, and he didn't know y he did it. He stated he needs to focus on his marriage and that's it. He said all the questions didn't help, and what I mentioned earlier about my comments about his wife. He asked me to understand him and stop all, yet he didn't clarify what all was. I'm so confused and lost right now. I know I chased him to a point wen he started running, yet everything was so sudden, I guess I wanted better understanding, reassurance. I didn't trust in our connection and our love, would bring us together again in time. Now I don't know if I totally screwed up.  This last week I only have texted him once, and showed him something off my phone that I found we were both interested in, told him I started my new job, and told him how sorry I am for hurting him, and hoped one day that he would be able to forgive me. If ANYONE HAS ANY INPUT, ADVICE, AND GUIDANCE FOR THIS SAD, CONFUSED, AND HEARTBROKEN DF TWIN I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

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