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Part 2
6) Tell me your understanding of Kali versus Gaia, (The Earth as a divine wisdom feminine being morphed into this planet). Is Gaia really more like divinities such as Parvati and the Goddess Sarasvati?
Yes. I hadn’t ventured deep into the knowledge of Kali before entering the energy healing profession. My experiences in removing black magic energies from people pointed to the fact that the entity Kali and its worship was behind the attachment of these energies.
Gaia, Sophia or the Divine Mother is closest to Saraswathi. The gentle natured embodiment of divine knowledge. True feminine I would say. She is also closer in her nature to Parvathi, the wife of Shiva. But this form is more of the protective nature of Gaia. In my experience, the only true Goddesses are Saraswathi, Parvathi and Lakshmi. Even false worship will not corrupt their divine nature. This is not the case with entities like Kali and Durga and their numerous forms, which were and still are widely used to invoke black magic and malevolent energies.
In conclusion, negative hyperdimesional entities thrive at the places of worship of these entities : Kali, Durga, Nagas, Sarpa (serpent) worship, their forms. Worshipping of Lucifer and planetary archons is also used by black magicians to invoke dark energies. I have found the planetary worship (‘Grahas’ or ‘Nava Grahas’) common in some temples in India brings a negative archonic energy.
7) What kinds of insights and answers did you receive in your own search about who directed the love bite relationships to you? Did you find any reptilians, or other types of beings involved?
I learned the entity Kali and the being named Lucifer is behind these orchestrations. These entities employ reptilian, draconian and grey automatons as middlemen to achieve their ends. Lucifer is regarded as the God of black magic, as is Kali. There is also an actual person in my life who orchestrated these relationships. I’ll be mentioning about it. The entity I saw that was most involved was the winged type reptilian known as draconians and grey automatons. I’ve not perceived usual reptilian interference as much.
8) You mentioned to me about evolved dinosaur types of beings who have developed technologies that cause us to misperceive reality here on Earth. Can you explain what you were shown about these beings?
In my meditations, I received revelations that pointed back to the jurassic era. I was told that dinosaurs had not become extinct, they were intellegent creatures and had evolved their own technology. The story of their extinction was specifically created and perpetuated by them to camouflage their existence from humans. I was told radionic technology was used for this deception. Fully active pineal gland can see through this matrix.  The major deception is the holographic reality and third dimensional view of earth and the universe. The actual earth seen in my meditations was an infinite plane and worlds were separated through dimensional portals. It could very well be the higher dimensional view of earth plane.
These dinosaur beings seemed to be installing weapons (psychotronic and radionic) in homes to create a high amount of negative energy and stress. As mentioned in your book, I’ve seen these creatures in my meditations and clairvoyant vision to be running around with a wand like object. These were sometimes used to hurt patients and run away while I was treating them, giving them the impressions they still had not recovered from the disease. Larger ones were rare and seemed more aggressive and the tinier ones seemed to be of a mischievous nature.
9) You also mentioned hyperdimensional beings who are of a benevolent nature who contain a high degree of divine spark. What effects do these beings have on humans, and are there hybrid types of humans who are actually a type of Ardhanishvara?
In my own research and experience, I have found certain humans to be having souls belonging to the category pranic healing calls ‘Divine sparks’. There are some who have high degree of this and it can also be increased by the true Kundalini and Kriya Yoga meditations focusing on the Ardhanarishwara figure. (I mentioned true because many of the forms of these Yoga taught now are incomplete and sometimes outright wrong). I believe most of these individuals would find themselves to be not fitting into worldly systems and groups and would be more comfortable towards the mystical and spiritual side of life. They easily see through vanities and far more enthusiastic when the world or society takes steps in spiritually evolved direction.
There are also humans I found who are actually a form of Ardhanarishwara themselves. I believe these humans hold the potential to transmute into an Ardhanarishwara. I belong to this category.
10) What do you think are the reptilians and higher evolved dinosaur beings agenda with humanity on this Earth?
1. Preventing twin flame union – leads to enlightenment and liberation (jeevan mukthi).
2. Extraction of DNA that has high potential for psychic ability
3. Preventing true knowledge – Knowledge of true nature of Gaia, true human history, the true human form Ardharishwara and its immense capabilities, the knowledge of which is ultimately enough to break their control structure.
4. Human soul energy, especially the energy of those traumatized with love-bite and narcissistic or psychopathic relationships seems to feed these entities. Intuitive automatic writing technique I used gave the insight they eat humans. I’m not sure about this though.
5. There are certain people I mention as divine spark incarnations who have an ability of information download from a cosmic source. I believe the rishis and yogis of ancient India wrote scriptures and composed Vedas by the use of this ability. Most of these seems to be the knowledge of psychic arts and spiritual technology. These people who have such potential are prevented from reaching it fully, although through controlled spiritual evolution under the reptilian or draconian influence is often carried out without the subject recognizing it that way. There is constant extraction of biological material from these individuals.
6. To prevent spiritually evolved individuals from meeting and joining with higher evolved beings and others of their potential.
11) You told me that you had a very unusual experience while listening to Credo Mutawa’s interview with David Icke about the head reptilian entity named Umbaba Samahango? What happened and did you discover any connections with this entity?
The mentioning of that name Umbaba Samahongo and Credo Mutwa’s experiences caused me to move into some kind of trance like state as if I was being pulled into some hidden memory. When I was close to some insight, I felt myself rapidly loosing consciousness and a feeling similar to levitation or being pulled up. When I was woken up by my roommate, there was blood on the floor where I was lying.  I instantly understood this being was somehow related to me or someone I know.
In my later meditations, I learned that this entity is the cause of all the love-bite relationships I experienced and somehow has a very strong relationship with me at some level. This entity manifests as a person named ‘Shanti’ in my life. He is the spiritual teacher of someone I know who is unusually hostile to me. I’ve not met this actual person Shanti although hearing of that name first time actually caused similar experience of shock as I watched Credo Mutwa’s video. Thus it came in my meditations that this was the same entity.
In my meditations I have also found this entity to be the same as many world renowned spiritual figures, but I do not want to mention them here. It seems this head reptilian entity has the capability of division.
12) Tell me of your healing practices with clients, and how you have been able to detect negative energy from black magicians and how to break curses and spells. Can you say how these specific types of energy are perceived, and what it feels like to you. Like the dark Kali energy versus the Gaia Divine Mother energy.
I mainly treated cancer patients and also patients suffering from chronic depression and impotency. I believe perhaps these specific cases might have been brought to me to discover a common pattern. And the pattern I saw was Kali worship, Serpent worship and its variations. I saw that as soon the complete connection with these entities were severed and permanently removed, the diseases miraculously disappeared and there was instant healing. In cases where the worship was restarted by the patients after compulsion and pressure from their family members, these diseases emerged with multiplied intensity. I believe torture was the aim of these ‘false diseases’ which would show positive in any medical test.
I did wanted to make this phenomenon as public as possible. But there was little or no support in proving this. I regret the fact that millions of people suffer under harsh medical treatments for diseases they do not genuinely have. I urge as many people as possible to seek energy healing methods than allopathic medicine and to progress by learning these techniques themselves.
I will describe the difference in perception of Kali energy/ dark energy  vs divine feminine Gaia’s energy:
Sensing Kali energy requires a certain degree of sensitivity energetically. Most of the time a person heavily affected by this would be sensed as being dominant and overpowering even if the person did not speak much. Rigid and perfected nature of vocabulary is another sign where his or her language patterns seemed to be referring to some prescript about perfected language, behavior and dress code. Domination is felt usually from their physical presence, eyes, tone of language. Energetically, the eye of the sensitive begins to pulse or feel agitated at the presence of such energies. I usually get this on my left eye. There is also a disturbing feeling in the stomach.
Coming to chakras, all the head chakras including Ajna, Crown and the minor chakras of temple region feel some dark energy intruding in, or trying to intrude. Heart chakra usually shrinks. Solar plexus chakra expands. I say dark energy because sometimes there is a clairvoyant vision of dark cloud enveloping the head and a feeling of density and heaviness.
Pranic healing gives the initial method of scanning to determine nature of energy field. After sensitizing the hands through certain exercises, we first learn to sense auras and chakras with our palms. As healing progresses certain energy natures are detected even without scanning. This is due to increasing aura sensitivity. Intuition quicky appears in the minds eye related to the problem the other person is having or the practices he is associated with. Many people were often stunned with this as I told them about their worship practices without them telling me anything.
The higher negative energies produce what I can only describe closest as ‘depleting dark field’. I often sense the being to be like a black hole going into ever-depletion. An absolute lack of nurturing energy is felt from them. Sometimes they effectively shield this, but the lack of sincerity or hollowness and sometimes domination makes it apparent.
(Energy field scanning is the one method I find to be most useful in detecting these energies. But initial practices of gaining sensitivity are essential. It’s far more reliable than muscle tesing or pendulum testing since the entire aura and chakras sensitize themselves automatically to receive subtle field energies.)
Now coming to Gaia’s energy, I mentioned it is closest to Sarsawthi’s energy. There is no domination or superiority whatsoever. There is always the feeling of cool energy or gentle warmth and I should remark that lunar energy represents Divine Feminine. The living, giving warmth of the sun is also part of divine feminine energy. There is comfort being with these people who have more of this energy, and also thoughts and conversations that are deep, insightful, highly thought provoking and relevant. There is always, always the pattern of nurturance. People who have strong connection to Gaia’s energy have a non-threatening energy field that reflects truth and constant energy of accomodation. (I would say you can take accomodation as the rule of thumb to identify Gaia’s energy). They are also non-violent and peace loving and at the same time embark into ventures that require strong expression of truth.
I must also warn identifying benevolent Gaia vs malevolent Kali energy is not at all easy. Much of Gaia characteristics are imitated by Kali energy individuals. The coolness of Kali energy can only be described similar to the coolness in stealth of a predator. They often impose their own characteristics to those with Gaia’s energy to cause conscience reversal and ‘brain-split’. It confuses the being of light  and it tries to prove itself and gain the favour of these negative beings who the person with Gaia’s energy thinks is someone like them who misunderstood them and did not see their true Gaian nature. They painfully realize later this is not the case. This is an extremely common pattern of trapping spiritually evolved but innocent beings (Also sometimes referred by the terminology ‘Wanderer souls’.)
Ways to break the curses and spells:
1. I would suggest learning pranic healing up to ‘psychic self defense level’. Cord cutting can be described now but an untrained person cannot verify whether the cord has been cut or not. If you felt that you are affected, imagine a dark colored cord from your body extending to the source of black magic.( if you have doubt about who gave the curse, simply imagine the connection at your end). Mentally pray “Supreme God, please cut the cord that connects me (or the person involved) to any source of black magic energy or Kali energy. Thanks and in full faith, (imagine a thick golden rod now cutting this cord three times or mentally say cut, cut, cut). Observe your feeling. You would feel much lighter with the dark energy gone.
(i would not suggest taking more levels in pranic healing beyond psychic self defense. Understanding scanning technique itself is enough. The higher levels are more like illuminati cult training) What I mean by this cult training is the rigid superiority, demanded respect for authority and “salvation only through the Grandmaster” preached as you increase levels. There is groupism, sarcasm, hired clapping, fear of moving away from  theoretical and proved knowledge, discouragement of individual inquiry, fear of dealing with or studying cases of black magic energy. I was lucky that my teacher at the standard levels were not like these and thus I could investigate these many phenenomenon. Every one may not be so lucky. Thus, learn enough before you are trapped.
2. If you are initiated in Karuna reiki, use Jala chakra symbol on the crown chakra to remove black magic energies. Psychic surgery technique on the solar plexus chakra is also beneficial. Use trishul, vel, swasthik or anthakaran symbols on the reiki fingers.
3. Divine healing mantra is  “innahoo-ale-raj-e-hee-laqaadhir “… if you do not know anything else, mental recitation of this mantra will keep malevolent energies away. Another mantra example is Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya, called Dwadashaksari mantra or 12 lettered mantra. This mantra us used for raising Kundalini Shakti.
I hope my experience and insights on these helps. And frankly, I never thought I could ever make my life experiences and knowledge useful for people this manner. But somewhere I knew all of these negative experiences I was being put into had a larger reason.

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