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Twin Flames, Liberation and Enlightenment from a Vedic Perspective: Part 1

I like this one largely because it not only gives the Hindu side of things for us, but also talks about the interference and dark forces against Twin-Flames, including black magic and such that I have been talking about for quite some time. I catch a lot of flack for talking about these things & bringing them to awareness & it is nice to know someone else is too.

Twin Flames, Liberation and Enlightenment from a Vedic Perspective: Interview with Indian Pranic Healer and “Love Bite Experiencer” Kailasnath
Posted on January 1, 2014 by eve

The issue of orchestrated “Twin Flame/Soul Mate” love connections has brought up many questions and responses from other cultural perspectives. Recently, a pranic sensitive and healer named Kailasnath shared his experiences of having been set up 4 times in classic “orchestrated love bite/energy vampire” types of love connections. We’ve been in correspondence for several weeks sharing complex spiritual issues relating to gods, goddesses, magic, clearing black magic curses and spells and understanding the power behind establishing balance between masculine and feminine energies for true spiritual liberation. Kailasnath is from the Southern Kerala region of South India. (This region of India is actually more open in its spirituality and according to Kailasnath South Kerala is actually free from more of the black magic practices/energy compared to other areas of India.) In his family of origin, some forms of black magic were practiced by family and ancestors. (But he does not practice this.) In his understanding, many forms of black magic are via traditional Kali worship where blood sacrifice is practiced.
In Kailasnath’s understanding, many evolved “divine spark” humans are targeted by dark energy entities such as reptilians, draconians, Lucifer and dark Kali energy to be derailed throughout their life from meeting their true “twin flame/soul mate”. One of the reasons this is done by the dark side is because such a powerful union of true twin flames is enough to be a cause for enlightenment for this divine couple. Jeevan Mukti is based on this concept: the liberation and enlightenment as a result of divine couple, twin flame unions.
This can be found in some ancient legends of Ardhanishwaras, although it’s rare to find specific details. Kailasnath also explained to me that there is much confusion about what the Cosmic Divine Feminine is really, and how this energy, although a bit more feminine, contains the male and female aspects of Shiva/Shakti merged essence of twin flames, often represented as Ardhanishwara. Kundalini Shakti is the feminine power/sexual energy, which always seeks to unify with the Shiva Sahasrara (crown chakra). The important message here is the discernment of the energy of beings and entities, and how to read their true nature. There are many names of Goddesses and Gods in Vedic/Hindu literature, some having a benevolent nature, while other descriptions consider the same Goddess to be “negative”. Kailasnath helps heal people from various maladies and even black magic spells and curses using pranic healing. Even with the methods he learned such as Tenaja Dalam Ilahi, he admits that almost every spiritual religion, tradition or healing method often has some head guru or “master” that is ultimately reptilian or draconian influenced. Because so much corruption is now in almost every spiritual healing modality, one must instead develop sensitivity for the energies of entities, because the names of various gods and goddesses in different cultures may have different meanings. (For example Tara –the Female Buddha) in Tibetan Buddhist practice is described differently from the Wrathful Tara in the Vedic/Hindu tradition)
In this interview, we discuss Kailasnath’s orchestrated love connections, their characteristics, how he healed from it and found healing and protection practices to remove himself from these predatory influences. True love, twin flames and unions can and do exist with positive ramifications. But to get to this place in ones spiritual walk in life is truly a challenge, and apparently very rare, due to the nature of Archontic and Luciferic interference to stop highly evolved souls from becoming liberated from this realm of karmic recyclement.
1) At what point in your life did you start to realize that several of your love relationships were orchestrated through some sort of paranormal or extradimensional influence? And what were the main patterns and characteristics of these love connections?
Before I actively got involved in energy healing and higher yoga forms, I had no idea of any such phenomenon. However, I intrinsically held the knowledge of a twin-flame at a very young age itself and a faint memory of how this person looked and behaved. I was surprised to find most of my love bite partners resembling this image, and the synchronicities that seem to be taking place to get me close to these individuals. But after being in relationship with these individuals, I experienced patterns of extreme psychopathy and narcissism from them, and often from their friend circles something that seemed to be deliberately hidden until some predetermined point. At some point in between I learned about the presence of extraterrestrials along with humans and how reptilian beings are creating destructive systems from behind the scenes. I still did not make the connection.
While learning about how the grey beings looked, something striked me. The resemblance this description had with the appearance of my love bite partners. Same kind of fingers, limbs, facial and body pattern. These people usually gave hollow and sarcastic responses to my spiritually enthusiastic view and my mentioning of the extraterrestrial phenomenon actually caused anger in one of them. I was shocked by such sudden changes of attitude several times and I remember she was not faking it. Something seemed to be controlling this person like a doll or a puppet held by strings. I further understood this was not a human I was dealing with. Many times when I was with her I felt like my soul leaving away my body often saying intuitively “I’m leaving. I can’t stay here”. It was almost as if I was with a dead person who was animated into a walking-talking human, and the presence of this person could not be tolerated by my soul. At times when I did not experience the leaving I felt a kind of crying from the inside and I was shocked at this feeling. (EL–this reaction is common with some of Dr. Corrado Malangas clients whose souls rejected the alien parasite aspects, and had powerful emotions in regards to the awareness of these parasitic invasions in their being/lives.)
I concluded this is some non-human entity perhaps the one mentioned in UFO literature as reptilians. Pranic healing gave me the first answer. When I privately talked to my teacher, he did an energy scan on this person and said it gives confirmation of ‘alien’. It was then that I found your book “Love Bite:Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships”. It was a life saver.
The pattern I can describe in all of these relationships is stealth psychopathy and conscience reversal. My own goodness was turned against me through accusations for which I was compelled to give explantions to these individuals. Everything I held to be evil was imposed upon me, and I think “perhaps if I explain enough, love them enough, they will see the error of their beliefs and give up their suspicions”. It never happened. Sometimes they convinced me it is happening, only to to lure me more into their trap of abuse and narcissism. I later found, this is a common trick used by Kali energy individuals.
2. What kinds of healing practices did you do to help sever these unusual psychic cords and ties with the orchestrated–targeted love partner sent to you?
Reiki, Pranic Healing and Divine Healing are the healing modalities I learned. In this, I have found Karuna and Omni reiki to be effective in negativity removal. Pranic healing gave the techniques of cord cutting, extraction and crystal healing to remove such attachments. The way to identify dark energies vs light also came from my pranic healing study. The method of energy field scanning is used for this. I describe few techniques in the last question on removing such cords.
2) Are there any family associations in your line that have been involved in black magic or other forms of occult/interdimensional entity connections or invocations?
Yes. I have indirectly learned there used to be black magic associated practices in my father’s family line. These practices, especially Kali worship, are never labelled as dark among these circles and you’ll soon understand why. Most of these practitioners believe they are simply worshipping and giving sacrifices and offerings to a powerful deity which will grant them what they ask. I’ve heard from some of my relatives that black magic rituals were extremely common two generations before me. The energies thus invoked do not leave easily.
3) You had mentioned to me that in your Indian culture the myth of twin flames originates with the beings known as Arhanishwaharas. They supposedly could create via a sort of emanation, a divine being through the sacred heart chakra. And that of these unions a male or female offspring, would then search for their “other half/twin flame” and that this union was powerful enough to become enlightened. Can you tell me the source of these legends/myths and about the sacred or secret heart chakra?
Apart from being a living being, the true earth had inhabitants that were half man and half woman. In Indian mythology, they were referred to as Ardhanarishwara. Reproduction was done by the use of a specific chakra known as the sacred heart. The chakra beamed out an energy that formed the individual child. There was no sexuality or sex involved at all. Individual being was either male or female and it was their priority to find their other half or ‘twin flame’ and merge with them to become a completed Ardhanarishwara. Mergence of twin flames was the highest force in all of creation beyond which they never need to seek anything. Enlightenement was achieved instantly by this union.
What we must do instead is to recognize and build the Ardhanarishwara energy within ourselves. This is what will truly connect us to the divine feminine. Ardhanarishwara is all about balance and union and the completion achieved due to it.
About the three chief Goddesses, (Sarasvati, Parvati and Lakshmi) you’ll notice that each three of these Goddesses have this balance I describe. The other entities are created based on Kundalini Shakthi and its manifestations.These are the names of entitites that emerge from Kundalini which I mentioned as imbalanced forms: Kali, Durga, Tara, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamastha, Dhoomavathi, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Kamalatmika.
Other locally worshipped forms that I found to be negative and higly imbalnced (mainly of Kali and Durga) are Mahishimardini, Shoolini, Vanadurga, Bhagavathy, Bhadra Kali, Thwaritha, Nithyaklinna, Kameshwari, Ashwarooda, Manikarnika, Kaumari, Varahi, Akhila mathrikal, Prathyangira, Baneshwari.
A phenomenon that happens while invoking and placing deities into statues (known by the term “Prathishta”), often makes fatal errors. Only a true sensitive can feel the entity who inhabits a particular statue of a temple or the energy nature of a particular entity used by Tantric practitioners. Most of the time negative entities, negative elementals and negative spirits occupy these positions.
All humans, male and female who have Ardhanarishwara potential within them are complete in themselves, and also humans who could find and merge with their twin flame. But tantra is based on the idea that female is complete within herself. Subtle difference, but enough to cause an imbalanced phenomenon.
These beings– Ardhanisvaras were sustained by cosmic energy and could live indefinitely. It’s not sure when the reptile beings interfered or what caused their interaction with the human race. But I am sure the split into male and female came only after their intervention.
The Ardhanarishwara legends I know are part of Shiva purana. Ardhanarishwara is represented as half Shiva and half Parvathi. They are said to complete entire creation in themselves. Much about the Ardhanarishwaras are not mentioned in legends. However Shiva and Parvathi are known to be twin souls. Mutually complementing principles of male and female. During my Kriya yoga and chi kung meditation known as Tenaja Dalam Ilahi, I focused more on the Ardhanarishwara figure and thus the revelations I told above were shown to me. These Ardhanarishwaras were seen in my meditations in a very beautiful landscape and how they reproduced was shown to me. The Ardharishwara beings helped their offsprings discover their twin flame, which was the only priority they had in their life. The mergence instantly took them to the highest peak of spiritual evolution. The knowledge of their sustenance through cosmic energy was also revealed in my meditations. They were immensely powerful in psychic ability.
The very idea of one gender being above another is the reason for all conflicts on Earth. I believe the Archons understand this. Making females above males will never create the true Earth. (Or vice versa)There will be another shift towards male being the greater gender through such systems and ultimately unrest between these energies.
What we must do instead is to recognize and build the Ardhanarishwara energy within ourselves. This is what will truly connect us to the divine feminine. Ardhanarishwara is all about balance and union and the completion achieved due to it.
4) Do you think then too, that if this is partly true about twin flames, that the “love bite” orchestrated relationship serves to co-opt this bond or disrupt one from finding ones true spiritual partner in life?
Absolutely. It is such a powerful force – the love of twin flames and I believe this is exactly why the love-bite relationships seek to destroy a person before he can find his or her twin flame partner. I believe time travel and hollow humans are used by the aliens to achieve this end. A person having twin flame would deep down intrinsically have a spiritual memory of how his twin flame looks and behaves. These are imitated prior to the actual union including behavioral patterns and friend circles to make the spiritually evolved person fall head over heels with this hollow human who would be controlled behind the scenes by negative hyperdimentional entities.
I also want to mention that this was the reason for strict practice of Brahmacharya/ Celibacy in ancient India. The concept rarely known was that meeting of the twin flame and marriage to the twin flame alone would give the person ‘jeevan mukthi’ – liberation from karmic cycles. Marriage to any other soul would prolong this state of non-liberation and in such a case, the being had to work it out individually through yogic development. The more delayed one’s yogic development or the union with twin flame, the more delayed his state of jeevan mukthi.
5) Do you feel that because of your spiritual awareness and abilities that you have been targeted to be disrupted before you even realized what was happening?
Yes. I realize this now. I believe this is exactly what happened to me. I remember many times I was even driven to doing acts due to the unbearable emotional traumas of love-bite relationships which would have taken me out of the picture long ago. But luckily I saw through those plans and ‘no-win’ situations even though it took time. I’m a lot more aware of these orchestrations now than I was five or seven years ago. And a lot of credit does belong to your books. Now my experiences and the awareness I have now allows me to quickly recognize spiritually developed souls, hollow humans, grey/reptilian/draconian hosting beings and to make spiritually evolving individuals aware of potential traps. The patterns are usually the same in all cases.
In my meditation ritual Tenaja Dalam Ilahi, I was shown that a Divine Soul spark is a very high level soul in spiritual hierarchy. They are directly descended from Parabrahma or Supreme God. They do have a higher soul aspect, but normal individuals are connected through higher soul whereas divine sparks connect directly with Parabrahma/Supreme God. In this meditation this is what I saw regarding entry of souls. The aliens may be able to play around with creation of hybrid bodies, but it never means they can occupy them. Occupying a body by the spirit happens in the 6th month in the mother’s pregnancy of the growing child. Souls of Divine Sparks, Evolving souls, reptilians, draconians, Kali and Lucifer souls race towards getting to a particular body, much similar to fertilization process. The souls enter through a portal or what is referred to as a Stargate in order to come to this matrix. The name of this Stargate I saw was Amenti. Like a glowing circular ring of fire. Reptilians and draconian humanoids are in control of this portal and can stop a less advanced soul if they want to. But Divine Sparks due to thier power, cannot be stopped by these beings. But when they enter the body the watching reptilians and archons know what this being is capable of. And plans begin from prebirth to its extermination or slow destruction.        check out part 2 in other discussion

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This information is of utmost importance as it reinforces that events are not so simple as a "glance"' so many times I have heard rather simplistically "Oh, that person just has karmic issues" --grounds of dismissal sometimes.  But in  spiritual INITIATIONS you can bet there are going to be Counterforces as this article describes, and especially in Twin Flame energies, as these energies are the Highest of Vibrations.  These forces of Archons are I believe intermingling in our Political System, Corporations and have sought destruction of practically all that is Beautiful.  I mean look around you, look at our media...the pure violence in media.  I truly believe this  material contains the exposure of the the  covert, most important covert derailment of Beauty; many many have to learn about the hidden Forces on the Planet; there is absolutely no other way,  Truth brings Light, only when we know the truth can we be Truly Free!!!!




Yes, you are very right, Tara. Our systems are very corrupt and have been under the dark influences for a very long time. They are all around in politics, government, education, religions, every level and every aspect of our lives is being affected in some way. Yes, as truth bringers we do usually get a back-lash for exposing what is dark and corrupt, and I have had the back-lashes many times as well, but we are doing what is right to help people know what is really going on as well as how to protect themselves from it. I was glad to see others posting this kind of information as well. Blessings!

and Blessings to YOU for your courage and openess to explore all avenues of Truth, -- for to expose this stuff is not an easy task as for some it really derails belief systems but if we are going to bring about new Paradigms in Thought we have to know that the religious teachings that we have been brainwashed with are mostly  not complete and some  religious teaching (such as Catholicism)  have outright lies woven in.  I am still trying to wrap my head around that Mary Magdalene was made into a reformed Prostitute when she was just as "Christed" as Jesus, his equal.  This teaching was probably put into place by the Dark Ones to bring about dissension and suspicion of women so that men would have trouble trusting the sanctity of women and family and  cause Twin Flame disruption.  I believe these Archonic Forces are very crafty, manipulative; one writer says they can mimic Light even, but it is False Light so we must be very awake on the Spiritual Path.  (and very courageous too as they do have a way of taking us off balance when we least expect!!) Truly the Spiritual Path is not for the Faint of Heart, Soul or Body!!






Thank you, Tara. Indeed, it is not for the faint of heart at all. I also have been talking in my discussions about those who mimic the light, portraying themselves as high beings, angels, guides, higher selves, even our Twins. Just like was said, only the very most discerning will be able to make it through all this without being misled. Sadly, a lot of the strong new age stuff is also very misleading with their "All love & light" attitude that all is good, all is part of God, that we should embrace the dark & our shadow self, that ego is o.k.  Just more deception to convince people they don't need to protect themselves so that they are easy targets. It is quite a world we live in, people caught between the lies, deceptions, religious dogmas, and rose-colored glasses views. Yes, they did really mess up the image of Magdalena, as was their intention. What most don't yet realize is that the one heavily responsible for that and founding catholocism is one of the disciples that hated women and loathed her being able to stand with Christ. And so he has done the same again in this lifetime, just as he did back then.



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