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To come together in Love and discover the all that Love is. HERE WE CAN DISCUSS ALL THINGS RELATED TO TWIN-FLAMES, TWIN-SOULS, TWIN-RAYS, AND TRUE SOUL-MATES. Please join us as we walk the world back to Love.See More
May 20, 2018

Profile Information

My Spiritual Interests (Please be specific)
Spiritual Healing/Teaching;Being in touch with God and Angels, meditation, ascension, divine feminine, gifted children, twin-flames & soul-mates, star-seeds & lightworking, empowerment, peace, unconditional love, oneness, mercy, compassion.
Tells us about any beliefs that you would like to share. (optional)
Hello, all! I believe Love is the greatest gift. I'm a vessel of God's Love & peace.I am a Shamanic Spiritual Healer/Teacher/Counselor/Paranormal Energy Remover/Ordained Minister/Soul Retriever, with additions of Transcendental, Astral, Chakra, Auric, Reiki, & Animal Healing Modes integrated into mine, and do quickening. I carry the Sacred Rose Energies & Divine White Christ Light. I flow the Ruby Ray of Magdalena along with working with all energy rays, Rainbow, and Infinity energies. I specialize in Twin-Flames and Gifted Children. I can guide/teach you how to connect with God, Angels, and Hierarchy, receive spiritual gifts, clear yourself & others of demons and dark energies, clear your dimensions, guide spirits, understand gifted children, remove blocks, trust your inner voice, listen to your Angels, manifest anything, visit passed loved ones and pets, visit Heaven and get your own keys, unlock your soul's DNA, reach your true potential, find your soul path, and much more. I can assist with all manner of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues, including Cancers, Disorders, Phobias, Relationships, Addictions, Block Removal, Thought Patterns, Empowerment, and Past-Life or Soul/Spirit issues. I'm a multi-dimensional energy worker & can remove spells, curses, etc. I love animals, children, nature, crafts, meditation, traveling, and much more. Mother of 3 gifted Crystal children; Twin-Flame of an incredible man; full-time college student. Have my Substance Abuse Certificate & am majoring also in Human Services. Have studied Counseling, Psychology, Crisis Intervention, Sociology, Devel. Disabilities, etc.

My work and sites, and about me:

I do Remote or Hands-On Healing  for $75.00 per half hour and I do different readings for $60 each or $30 for just dark interference read/removal. .
I also do Spiritual Teaching/Counseling/Paranormal Energy Removal for $100.00 an hour. I do these readings: Twin-Flame/soul-mate readings, Soul/Star Seed readings, Interference, General. I can remove curses/ spells, and all manner of black magic/dark arts, and deactivate implants.

This is the link to my published article about Gifted Children:

Spiritual background:

Years of healing work, paranormal work, energy work, cancer/illness removal, black magic/curse removal, meditation/other teaching, counseling across the board, gifted children, Twin-Flame specialist, empowerment coaching, Soul/Twin-Flame/general readings, clearing lands/mass areas, Transmuting energies, Dimension clearing and travel/work, Ministering, Shamanic practices, Tantra/sexual healing/sacred love, Past-life clearing, Cord-cuttings, Karma clearing, etc. I have 7 years of working with children in schools as a volunteer, 20 years of volunteering with animals/rescue work/fostering, and volunteering with food banks, churches, activities, etc.

Home World and Star Soul information:
I am of Pleiades, but my roots go back way beyond even there. I have also been in Lyra, Vega, Sirius, Andromeda, Apollonia, Arcturus, and Orion. I was in the Galactic Wars.
Places of previous incarnation or connections with:
Way back in beginning(Shekinah), Pleiades, Galactic Wars, Sirius, Andromeda, Lyra, Vega, Orion, Apollonia, Arcturus, Lemuria(High Priestess), Atlantis(High Priestess), Ancient Egypt (High Priestess/Isis); musician in Court of Ra Ta), Incan life in Machu Picchu, Mayan, Celtic Warrior, Celtic life, Druidic Medicine woman (Grandmother Blue Eyes), Time of Christ (Magdalena), India/Hindu, Japan (Samurai Warrior), French Royalty (Marie Antoinette), Native American Indian(White Buffalo Calf Woman), Psychic/Seer/Crystal Ball Reader, famous Evangelist w/Faith Healing and Gift of Tongues(Aimee Semple McPherson), something involving the Titanic, now me.

Testimonial by Pam
I have been suffering from chronic migraines for about 18months that last for days at a time. I have been to specialists, had numerous tests done including an MRI but nobody has been able to help me until I met Brenda. I have no idea how Brenda does what she does but it works. I can feel her with me when she remotely works on healing me. Its an totally amazing yet calming experience. I have been so uplifted by this treatment. I have lots more energy and clarity of thought. Prior to this treatment, my short term memory had been affected by the migraines, now I find that I have a lot more recall and clarity of thought. I can’t recommend Brenda enough for the tireless work she does. Her commitment and compassion are a rare quality but hers are not only evident but genuine.

Love and blessed light
Pam Mansfield
Inner Visions


On January 13, 2009 I e-mailed Brenda to ask her to please help a baby born into our family. Baby Hayden was having bleeding on his brain and was expected to need intensive surgery. They had planned to put a shunt in his head to drain the fluids, but this procedure can be risky. We all wanted to avoid the surgery. Brenda began doing extensive healing sessions on Hayden 2 times daily, as well as a group healing with her children, and prayers at least 2 times daily. She worked on him for 3 days, and then we got word that the shunt had been postponed. We waited to see if he would absorb the clots. For the next several days they watched him at the hospital and all seemed fine, so Hayden went home on 1-25-09. He was at home for two weeks eating and doing good. We did not have daily contact with them to keep up-to-date on his condition. Brenda had e-mailed me during this time to check on how he was doing. Then we got word that the bleeding had started again. They took Hayden to the hospital and went ahead with a shunt before we all knew what was happening. The shunt failed and Hayden went into a coma. I contacted Brenda again and told her about the coma. She started immediate treatments again and he came out of the coma. They ran tests to find out why the shunt had failed, but never found out anything clear. Hayden has now been at home doing well for months. I remember her telling me about the healing sessions and how she had carried the baby's spiritual body through to Heaven to see God and humbly asked for him to be healed completely. She took the case very seriously and handled it as if he were her own child. She continued to ask me in e-mails for weeks after if he was still doing o.k. We all feel very blessed to have God bestow such an amazing gift on someone close to us. During this time I had asked her to work on myself and 5 other women I know, for various problems. We are all doing fine now and the problems have been taken care of. I would never hesitate to ask her for help for myself or anyone I know, and I know she'll be there to take it on with a caring heart and attention to detail.

Testimonial by Fernando Agreda:
In the summer of 2008 I was diagnosed with brain cancer. My treatment included chemotherapy pills and radiation. I responded atypically to all the treatments. The doctors expected me to be lethargic and feel nauseous and even lose my appetite. None of this happened. I'm not sure why, but I believe it is due to the positive energy and heeling that occurred. Brenda specifically was in contact with me letting me know of her constant thoughts and remote healing. Not once during my treatment and recovery was I ever scared or nervous. I always felt and knew that things would turn out great. And they have. I am now over 1 year cancer free, and back to as normal life as I had before. I recommend Brenda for anyone who needs some extra help mentally and spiritually for getting through some of the obstacles that life presents.
Very Truly,
Henderson, NV
North America

Hi Brenda, my goodness your energy is amazing, I've never wanted to cry before from just seeing or reading writing like this before! Thank you for the link to your site, I've enjoyed having a look around, when I clicked on "my videos" and saw your picture I immediately heard "enlightened soul", you are also looking straight through to my soul. I started to listen to the first music link and I began to have such an incredible feeling of returning home. I was also blown away by the "I believe" link, I haven't heard "Now we are free" since I was last in contact with Tony almost 3 years ago, he had it on his website.

Jen Garnett

There are others if you wish to read them; just ask!

These are my other pages:  Timeline

My FB groups:  Radio Show each Monday night 8 pm EST
I can also be found on radio shows under Brenda Tenerelli Show on Cathie's Distant Echos, and on Karma Caffe and empowering Serenity.

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Brenda Tenerelli's Blog


Posted on January 12, 2015 at 19:02 0 Comments


Divine Twin Flame: Thank you so much to had accepted this friend request.  I personally wanted to tell you that last year, I found you on…



Posted on January 12, 2015 at 18:58 0 Comments


In my conversations with God, he has told me about how to evolve, how to reach Christ Consciousness, and what she/he needs us to learn and do to be capable of it. Certain things affect us badly and prevent spiritual growth from…


Consequences of LYING

Posted on January 12, 2015 at 18:30 0 Comments

Consequences of LYING

I thought I would go ahead and include this lesson because I think it's a very important one…


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At 9:54 on July 1, 2017, suzanne sims said…
Hi Brenda, hope you and yours are well. Love n light x
At 17:20 on April 4, 2016, suzanne sims said…

Hi Brenda, I`m glad to hear you`re well. I`m doing fine thankyou. Things are looking up for me, like someone has switched the light on. Blessings xx

At 14:37 on March 31, 2016, suzanne sims said…

Hi Brenda, hope you are well.

Blessings x

At 8:50 on March 13, 2016, suzanne sims said…
Thankyou Brenda, you're very welcome x
At 8:47 on March 13, 2016, suzanne sims said…
Hi Brenda, thankyou for your friends request. Blessings
At 12:50 on March 11, 2016, suzanne sims said…

Hi Brenda, thankyou for letting me join your group. I love the pictures! Blessings x

At 20:57 on February 13, 2016, Josie Magistro said…

Brenda, I left you another message with more detail. I was interested in your services. Let me know what your thoughts are.Thanks again Brenda!

At 9:51 on October 16, 2014, Jeanne Christie said…

Hi Brenda, I will prep the show as soon as I get your theme,

Your show is 3rd November and I won't be back until 2nd, so will post out links next Tuesday if possible ,thanks a lot 


At 16:35 on October 14, 2014, Jeanne Christie said…

Hi Brenda-

Have you a theme in mind for your next show,

I will post links out this week, as I will be away the week before you are on the Healing Fountain Radio show. xx

At 20:29 on November 26, 2013, Jeanne Christie said…

Hi Brenda- Great to see you here too!

Love+ Hugs




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