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My Spiritual Interests (Please be specific)
mediumship, ufo's, most supernatural phenomenon interests me...
Tells us about any beliefs that you would like to share. (optional)
i have been told i am a natural medium, i see ghosts (imprints and interactive), ive seen what i can only describe as UFO'S many times since a small child, i can hold objects and see elements of where they have been etc, i also have premonitions which sadly in most cases come true...i have changed the course of a few when i have been able to get a message to people in time...

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FIRST EVER BLOG...i'm looking for people to give me true stories...

Posted on November 1, 2010 at 11:56 0 Comments

have you a true story about something spiritual? maybe a ufo or ghostly manifestation? maybe you were visited as a child by a relative?, if you have one or several stories would you like to be part of a book about the supernatural?, im only looking for genuine and detailed stories, preferably with twists! also manifestation photos to match your story, please get in touch if you might be interested in being part of the book, serious enquiries only please as my aim is to bring a most convincing… Continue

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At 20:48 on November 16, 2010, Morwenna Brady said…
Hi Sarah,
Thank you for your friendship :)
At 17:46 on November 11, 2010, sheelyish said…
Hi sarah when I started automatic writing I got what i thought was an angel but it soon made me feel something was not right so I challenged it[which is what Chris Thomas said to do in his book ]It admitted they were the velon annunaki,I wrote to Chris and he gave me some excercises to get rid of them as prayers had not helped.Even tho I did these I could not get rid of them so had to stop writing which is a shame because i had been getting some good entities through.I tried sending love to them and they got so angry the pen was ripping the paper up.Dont know what else I can do.
At 13:04 on November 8, 2010, Sarah Bullock said…
Hi Sarah, thanks for the request. I do have an interesting story or two? Not sure I have any photos though. Will have a little think about which story would be of most interest.
Meanwhile good on you for getting it together.
At 14:55 on November 4, 2010, sheelyish said…
really pleased I found this site, dont know if its what your looking for but had creepy experience with automatic writing.have you seen chris thomas video? well he mentions what happened to me in his book.
At 15:47 on November 1, 2010, claire Hodder said…
We sound quite similiar as I have used natural horsemanship methods for my own horses throughout the years and have personally been involved with horses for over twenty years. Before moving back to Essex I kept my horses at home in Cornwall and used the yard to home a few rescue cases. As I am an animal communicator and reiki Practitioner/Teacher it really gave people another view point on how to rehabilitate horses that would otherwise be destined for not very great things to be seen as the lovingly kind and honest souls that they are. It just takes trust. If you would like me to add your rescue centre to my website I would be quite happy to. And also if any of my services would be of benefit to you then let me know as they are free for rescue centre's. And I would appreciate any writing tips at all x
At 13:32 on November 1, 2010, claire Hodder said…
Hi Sarah,

Thank you for the invite. I love your horse I love the Cremolla horses. I see that you are an established writer of many years, I am in the process of putting some book ideas together about my work as a healer for horses maybe you could give me some tips!
I look forward to speaking with you on the network.

Love and Light
Claire Hodder
Healing Hands
At 19:51 on October 29, 2010, sarah clements said…
my experience of reincarnation...i do believe we live many lives, i only remember one clearly, i am sitting in a garden with a tan and wooden house behind me, a tree is next to the house, my father rides up on a big grey horse, he has blood on a tunic-i assume he's a butcher..., he says 'beth i must go and see our good king now see you later...' i look into a pool in the garden-aware of my reflection, but not as i am...i still reconised my reflection tho!, anyway i sort of woke from my 'dream' i turned on the TV i switched on the travel channel...which frankly i never watch as i hate travel...and the house comes up!!!, i rubbed my eyes and its explained that this house still exists and is called 'new place' the lady lived here was called elizabeth and i understand the time period is right, its 3 miles from warwick castle and at that time henry was king...i may be wrong but other things i found out after that i didnt know, Dr John Hall had a daughter called elizabeth, a doctor at that time would have had blood all over him as he would have been more like a butcher, the today black and white tudor houses used to be a tan colour, i didnt know that when i was having this reccurrent dream...also the numbers '15' and '16' kept flashing up... i believe it was the centurys i lived in...if i am who i figure was (in that life) i am sheakespears grandaughter! and by the way i saw a picture of the house randomly and not only did i reconise it but the tree had really grown!
At 19:20 on October 29, 2010, sarah clements said…
i saw a large craft moving through a valley near the airport (a friend in the car saw it too) i was just sitting looking at a view and it flashed past, like a vast ship, i would say the size of a cruiseliner, slightly metalic dark steel coloured and had small lights/portholes dotted all over it, i cannot explain the enormity of filled the whole valley in front...i just sat there, then after a minute i looked at my friend and he said did you see that? i said what did you see first...? he described the same huge spaceship...i can tell you this as well it moved at speeds i didnt know were possible...
At 19:15 on October 29, 2010, sarah clements said…
i am thinking of writing a book documenting all of my experiences and gifts, i am still fathoming out why i see the things i do, i dont claim to be anything but a normal person who is lucky enough to see stuff...i have seen about 20 different ghosts (but then i dont go around looking) i am aware all the time in other peoples houses and new places that entities are nearby, i see alot of animals, horses, dogs, cats and by a slaughterhouse i saw a load of sheep and pigs looking very lost...(i didnt know it was the sight of an old slaughterhouse until after) i feel strongly we are residing on some sort of parallel plain...

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