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Black - means healthy!

There are foods that we eat often, very often, rarely or not eat at all. Salt is the only exeption. Can we, humans do without salt? Probably we can, for some time. But immediately, the food becomes bland and tasteless, as well as life itself.

So, food without salt is tasteless, but with salt it is harmful. Is there a reasonable compromise? There is, and it was found by our ancestors. From ancient times in Russia the…


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Masters of the Universe Global Lightworker Ambassador Program

With Bryan de Flores, the Ascended Masters & the Galactic Command!

Live! International Tele-Activation

Session 1: Saturday July 6,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $75

The Masters of the Universe Ambassador Program is designed to create a new exemplary model of spiritual Ambassador & Leader; one that will excel beyond…


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TheSpiritGuidesNetwork - Call to raise funds

Namaste Friends,

We have been running this site since 2008. Due to a significant change in personal financial circumstance I can longer afford to pay the $239 (£190) annual fee to Ning networks to keep the site alive for another year.  I'm currently paying for the hosting from my own…


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The Starshield Experience Live! International Tele-Activation

A New Wave of Cellular Restoration, Physical Rejuvenation & Healing!

Saturday June 22,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $35

Come experience the latest speed-of-light transmission that will restore your energy,  renew your cellular blueprint and strengthen your spiritual connection in a matter of minutes.  This multidimensional activation will override and defy the day to day challenges we…


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EarthStar - Help I'm Processing Live! International Tele-Activation

Saturday June 8,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $25

Stop the planet I want to get off!!!  Have you ever felt emotionally frustrated, mentally stressed and completely at the end of your rope?  You are not alone, millions of individuals around the planet experience intermittent or extended periods of internal "processing", which can triggered by planetary energy fluctuations, personal karma or random happenings in…


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FREE Multidimensional Birthday Seminar

Join us for this fun, interesting session that will inspire and excite a new perspective about your special and very important day of each year.  Learn a new, innovative way to celebrate your birthday in style and kick it off with a huge energy boost.  Be there or be square!


For more information please go to

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nguyen nhan va phuong phap xu ly nhanh nha ve sinh

Bồn cầu nghẹt nhẹ: 5 nguyên nhân và 4 phương pháp xử lý nhanh

Trong bài viết này, công ty hút hầm cầu Phú Lộc là đơn vị Rut ham cau gia re TPHCM sẽ mách bạn cách xử lý tắc nghẽn:

Lưu ý trước khi thực hiện các bước thông bồn cầu

Bạn chỉ nên thực hiện xả nước 1 lần duy nhất, vì khi bồn cầu bị tình trạng tắc…


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Be your healthiest self by choosing the IV vitamin infusion.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle can be tedious if one doesn’t know where to begin from. From changing the diet to exercising regularly, there are a number of things one can do. But it is not enough. Going for the IV vitamin infusion is…


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5th Dimensional Activation and Star Alignment


Live! International Tele-Activation

Saturday May 25,  2019  9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Pacific Time)  - $75

Each planet in our universe has its own musical vibration and unique characteristics, gifts and…


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4 su lua chon an toan danh cho nguoi lan dau mua oto

200 triệu đồng mua xe xe cũ: 4 sự chọn lựa an toàn dành cho người lần đầu mua ô tô

Nếu ngân sách của bạn chỉ có tầm 200 triệu đồng, DailyXe xin gợi ý tới bạn một số mẫu xe ô tô cũ trong tầm giá 200 triệu đồng cho những ai đang dự tính mua ô tô cũ.

Daewoo Matiz 2010

Kể từ thời điểm ra đời năm 1998 và phát triển tới hôm nay, Daewoo Matiz thực sự đã chứng minh cho người tiêu dùng thấy được giá trị hữu dụng của nó khi nó trở thành phương…


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Through The Looking Glass

 Through The Looking Glass

Exploring Your Past Lives & Manifesting Your True Destiny!

A 2 hour Online Experience

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - May 10. 11 & 12 -  $37

You can access this 3-session online seminar whenever you wish during the 3-day period. 

The entire seminar is about 2 hours long.... and although I recommend doing one…


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Get a souveneur of birch bark!

Eco-Minded Club offers beautiful decorative crafts, handmade of birch bark:

A handicraft of birch bark may be an original decoration and a practical storage for small things at home or an exclusive gift for your loved ones.

Birch bark contains fungicidal and antiseptic substances like betulin that…


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EarthStar Change the World Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday - April 27, 2019,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $35

There are many ways to change the world we live in and inspire the people around us….and every day is an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to the light of the world around us!  Our galactic friends have created a new, interesting and very flexible addition to your personal spiritual plan that will ignite change in the many different areas of society....and this only requires a few minutes a…


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Swedish Massage Course

Swedish Massage is an amazing course for beginners, you don't need any previous experience. Are you leaving school and is this the path for you? Are you currently working in the wrong career and want to learn something new in the comfort of your own home? You can learn at your own pace and do it in your own time. This Accredited Swedish massage course is perfect to work around YOUR life style... You can now instantly download the course, either in 3 parts or buy all together and save…


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Laughing Unicorn IPHM Accredited

Meet IPHM Accredited Training Providers Laughing Unicorn - Their focus is on healing, personal development and spiritual growth, with their ultimate aim being empowerment. Laughing Unicorn take great satisfaction in working with you to find your inner joy and their highly trained and experienced Therapists can help you to let go of the past, move away from drama and negativity and find your inner peace. laughing Unicorn offer IPHM accredited…


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Learn how to build an Off-Grid eco dome for <$10K

My friend Alosha is offering a self-study online comprehensive training, Eco Home MasterClass which will assist you (step-by-step from start-to-finish) to easily build your own low cost eco Dome home. This home will protect you from Electro Magnetic Radiation. Here is the link:

In Abundance of Water…


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Time Machine Multidimensional Workshop Live International Tele-Session

Unlock the Power of Your Mind & Activate Your Full Creative Potential!

Saturday - April 13, 2019,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $75

Come join us for this innovative new & exciting galactic workshop where we will work together with the Ashtar Command & the Arcturians to design the future.  This 2 hour creational experience will begin with a time-traveling session to download programs…


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Building a better world in your backyard

New permaculture book launched 15 months ago by Paul Wheaton and Shawn Klassen-Koop, is now ready for the kickstarter: - please contribute to let it out and share this message with friends!…


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FREE Permaculture in Action Class

My Russian friend Alosha Lynov is an eco engineer, inventor, builder and teacher who gets his inspiration from mimicking Nature’s Genius.

After 12 years of learning from Water, Natural Building and Permaculture Wizards, he is creating a wave of intentional communities based on Cooperation and Natural Law !

I would like to invite you to Alosha's complimentary…


Added by Yuri Smirnov on April 6, 2019 at 11:00 — 1 Comment

Exploring the Akashic Records & the Mysteries of your Soul Live! International Tele-Session

Keys to Accessing Your Personal Soul Blueprint & Book of Life

"Saturday - March  30, 2019,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $35 

The Akashic Records is an etheric library of all mystical knowledge, every deed, word, feeling, thought and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of our planet.  It is this non-physical spiritual computer system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for…


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MIND BODY SPIRIT Event Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon. Sunday 21st July 2019(United Kingdom)

Date:21/07/2019 10:00:00
A Fabulous Event in the amazing Hinchingbrooke House on Sunday 21st July 2019 10am - 4pm A Mind Body Spirit Event in a Beautiful & Historical Location. The House and Grounds alone...

Are you a Starseed? It's time to step forward(United Kingdom)

Date:25/07/2019 19:30:00
Are you a Starseed? It's time to step forward Cosmic Disclosure, Deep State can't stop the event; Dimensions of Awareness, Connecting Consciousness. £5.00 fee on the door. Mr Lee ...

EVENING OF MEDIUMSHIP with the Well-Renowned & Gifted Medium GORDON SMITH(United Kingdom)

Date:26/07/2019 19:30:00
On FRIDAY 26TH JULY 2019 at 7:30pm, Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre (MSDC) are pleased to welcome to Maidstone, well-renowned and gifted medium, GORDON SMITH, hailed by the UK’s media ...

Feng Shui Approved Foundation Course(United Kingdom)

Date:27/07/2019 10:30:00
Feng Shui – Feng Shui Society Approved Foundation Course with Vicky Sweetlove Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th July 2019 or 23rd and 24th November 2019 and 8th and 9th Februa...

Mind Body Spirit Fair 28th July 2019 £2.50 Entrance pay on door(United Kingdom)

Date:28/07/2019 12:00:00
Mind, Body, Spirit event at The Loughton Club on Sunday 28th July from 12-5pm. Admission on the door: £2.50 for adults / 16 and under FREE Pampering Treatments, Healings, 1-2-1 Psychic ...

Angelic Reiki 3&4 Masters Course(United Kingdom)

Date:02/08/2019 10:00:00
Angelic Reiki 3&4 Master Teacher Course Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Course is run over 3 days starting Friday at 10:00am to 5:30pm - Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5:30pm. This is a p...

Mind Body Spirit Fair 4th August 2019 £2.50 entrance for charity to pay on...(United Kingdom)

Date:04/08/2019 12:00:00
Mind, Body, Spirit event at Hamptons Sports & Leisure on Sunday 4th August from 12-5pm. Admission on the door: £2.50 for adults / 16 and under FREE Pampering Treatments, Healings, 1-2-1...

Glastonbury Mind Body Spirit Fair(United Kingdom)

Date:10/08/2019 10:00:00
Saturday 10th August Glastonbury Mind Body Spirit Fair 10am-5pm at Glastonbury Town Hall, BA6 9EL. 40+ stallholders including readers, mediums, healers, artisans and retail stal...

Remote Spirit Release - August Workshop(United Kingdom)

Date:17/08/2019 09:00:00
This is an intensive training course for health-care professionals and experienced therapists who need to learn how to help their clients who experience suspected influence from earthbound sp...

What’s Up with Your DNA?! Workshop(United Kingdom)

Date:17/08/2019 10:00:00
The untold story of your DNA from a Star Seed perspective with Paul McCarthy The Origins of Your Human / Extra-Terrestrial DNA Workshop How does your DNA affect your SPIRI...


Date:18/08/2019 09:30:00
Earn The Diplomas That Adds Value To Your Services. 2 days of live, hands on training with one of the UK`s leading experts, gain two diplomas to expa...


Date:25/08/2019 10:00:00
Admission is £2.50. We will have plenty of mediums giving readings, Angel and Tarot card readings, Aura Photography, Numerology, Healing and Complementary therapies, Crafts, Candles, Crystal...

Free Course Offer(United Kingdom)

Date:31/08/2019 10:00:00
Buy any 2 Award Winning Holistic Home Study Courses and choose a 3rd one absolutely Free. If you are serious about training to become a professional holistic therapist t...

Kallima Crystal Sale(United Kingdom)

Date:31/08/2019 11:00:00
THIS SALE IS FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST Come and Grab some Beautiful Crystals for for Your Friends & Family...or treat yourself. There will be a 20% discount on EVERY cry...

AromAware Events Wellbeing Fair(United Kingdom)

Date:07/09/2019 10:00:00
A great fair to spend the whole day at if you wish, cafe available all day with West Coast Caterers including vegetarian & Vegan food, Breakfasts, lunch and light refreshments & amazing...

Stockport Mind Body Spirit Event – 7th & 8th September 2019(United Kingdom)

Date:07/09/2019 10:00:00
50 + Exhibitors Joining our annual weekend special come along and join this uplifting spiritual experience. Complementary therapists, Reiki Healing, Acupressure, Indian Head Massage...

Crystal Therapy Diploma Workshops(United Kingdom)

Date:08/09/2019 10:00:00
???CRYSTAL DIPLOMA WORKSHOPS??? ????Join me on a magical adventure to bring crystal therapy into you life! If you LOVE crystals And you would love to learn how to use them to improv...

Hypnosis Training Course(United Kingdom)

Date:11/09/2019 09:00:00
The Foundation Level Hypnosis course offered by Cara – the Centre of Transformation and Empowerment has been Assessed and Accredited at Foundation Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Successful gradua...

EFT Levels Combined 1&2 Practitioner Course(United Kingdom)

Date:13/09/2019 09:45:00
EFT Combined Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Course – Held over three days 13th 14th & 15th September 2019 The training is suitable for the absolute beginners to practising professionals in o...

The Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat Canada(United States)

Date:27/09/2019 10:00:00
If you feel the call to: 1. Deepen your spiritual path by journeying with the ancient archetypes of the Tarot to such a point that they come alive in your life and you feel a pro...

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